Monday, 10 November 2014

'Night Mode' in Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader

If you are late night reader like me, this would be a very useful thing for you. I only found out about it because I was getting a headache reading black text against the white background in the dark.

A bit of searching through the inrernet for a night mode function in the Foxit reader, and I found it's actually very simple.

I use Foxit as my PDF reader, however Adobe works in a very similar way, so the following steps will work for both.

Please note that the steps may vary according to your version. The version I am using are:
- Foxit Reader:
- Adobe Reader: 9.1.0

1. First you need to find the 'Preferences' section.
In Foxit, just go to File and click Preferences.
In Adobe, right click on the document and select Page Display Preferences.

After this both Foxit and Adobe should be the same.

2. In 'Preferences', go to 'Accessibility'
Check the Replace Document Colors box then select Custom Color.

3. Change the colors.
Change page background to black and document text to white. However you might prefer the text to slightly grey if you are reading in complete darkness so that there is less contrast.

There you go! Now you can read the PDFs comfortably without straining your eyes.

If you have more tips regarding the 'night mode', be sure to comment below.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Spam, a Good Thing?

"You know, spam is a problem, but I would say that applications of artificial intelligence that can recognise what's in any picture are so much more important. I think it's worth the spam"

-Luis Von Ahni

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Didn't Write Sherlock Holmes

 Yesterday, I came across this book called The Mathematician and the Pied Puzzler. In the second chapter titled Ambrose, Gardner, and Doyle, which is in a play form, Ambrose and Byrd discusses a chapter from Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus, by Martin Gardner, titled “The Irrelevance of Conan Doyle”. In the chapter, it is said that there is no way that Arthur Conan Doyle could have written Sherlock Holmes because of his involvement in spiritualism. Instead of reading on this post, I would suggest you read the interesting conversation from the book itself. The chapter is only 5 pages long and you can get the eBook free from the Gathering 4 Gardner Foundation website.

Then, as their discussion continues, Byrd asks Ambrose why someone of the caliber of Martin Gardner would entertain the notation that Conan Doyle could not have written Sherlock Holmes to which Ambrose replies that obvious solution is that Martin Gardner didn't himself write that chapter! He argues that this is more reasonable than that  Martin Gardner has written that chapter and decides that he is going to publish it an journal.

Fast forward a 100 yrs, Cranby and Broad, discusses the Ambrose paper, the one Ambrose published in the Journal. They wonder how a reliable historian like Ambrose could have written that. That's where Broad says that his paper comes in where he maintains that Ambrose never wrote the paper!

So what exactly exactly happened? Why did Martin Gardner write the chapter "The Irrelevance of Doyle"? Well, according to the last paragraphs of the 'play', that whole chapter that Martin Gardner wrote was a hoax!

If you still haven't read that chapter in The Mathematician and the Pied Puzzler, I highly recommend you read it. It's a very interesting chapter.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

China's Time Zone

China is the largest country with a single timezone. However, previously it used to have 5 different timezones which were unified in 1949 due to political reasons becoming the largest country with a single timezone.
China's Obsolete Time Zone

The second largest country to have a single time zone is India, which is less than a half of the width of China. If one were to cross the border of China and Afghanistan, they would have to adjust there watches by 3.5hrs, which is the largest adjustment on crossing a border of the country.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

10 Most Popular Computers in History

Sharing articles I read is one of my objectives for this blog. Well, here's an article I read in one of the sites I follow: 10 Most Popular Computers in History.

As the title says, it shows some of the most popular computers in the history as far as 1970's, giving a brief history of the computers and their specifications. They may be nothing like the computers of these days, but without them, we might not even be using computers.
An interesting article to read for technology lovers.

10 Most Popular Computers in History.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Google Self-driving Car

There was a time when Google just used to be a search engine. Now we hear that they have been developing a self-driving car. Google had announced the car in 2010 and have been testing it since then. However, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that cleared a path for these robots to become street legal. However it still requires a licensed driver behind the wheels as a caution.

One of the main benefits of a robotic car is that it can reduce accidents. Robotic cars can't get distracted or tired like humans. The car has lasers and radar mounted on its roof. It senses all of the objects around the vehicle some of which humans might not notice.

However there are still some limitations in the car as well. For example temporary road signs and snows can be a challenge.

There is also an issue, where if the robotic cars break a rule, who would be charged.

Such limitations and questions are bound to be there when it comes to technology. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the video from the official Google's YouTube channel showing a test drive with the self-driving car:

1. Google's official YouTube channel.
2. Calif. Greenlights Self-Driving Cars, But Legal Kinks Linger - NPR

What do you think about the car? Will it bring more problems than solutions? Share your thoughts through the comments.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Samsung vs Apple: Samsung Releases Ad to Mock iphone5

It's not something that I may say a healthy competition by attacking the rival company directly, but there it is. Samsung attacks it rivals, Apple, by releasing an advert titled, The Next Big Thing is Already Here -- Samsung Galaxy SIII, that shows how their Samsung Galaxy SIII is already better than the upcoming iPhone5.

The advert literally mocks that the Samsung Galaxy III has better features than the upcoming iPhone5. It also suggests that the new iPhone5 is obsolete and for old people. Here's the video from the Samsung Mobile USA YouTube channel:

They have also released a It doesn't Take a Genius poster which again lists down the features of both the smartphones and show how superior the Samsung Galaxy SIII is.

What do you think about Samsung's advert? Do you think that it's healthy competition? Share your views through the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Sources and further reading:
1. Samsung Mobile USA YouTube Channel.
2. Informationweek - Samsung Goes on offensive against iPhone5